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extremely long email I sent to the board - part 2

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Posted by barb on November 14, 2011 at 11:38:13:

In Reply to: extremely long email I sent to the board - part 1 posted by barb on November 14, 2011 at 11:37:26:

It’s such a shame that tons of information is in the brains of members of KCBS and nobody is utilizing that brain power. There is nothing in the KCBS by-laws that says Board Members can’t ask the membership for help. In fact on every other board I have been on or worked with, it was mandatory that the committee head (the board member) fill that committee with non-board members. We were expected to find members for our committee that brought in a high level of expertise to that committee. We were to use that brain power. And we were pushed to go out and find the best brains (that fit our committee) that we possibly could. Why are there not committee members? No offense but the word committee means group or team. So are there multiple members to each committee that reports to the board? Are there CFO’s and CPA’s and Controllers on the Finance committee? Are there marketing majors with years of PR and marketing experience on your marketing committee – hopefully a few members who work for advertising agencies besides MMA? Technology – KCBS has so many techno geeks in a wide variety of geeknesses. Writing programs, building internets, webpage devolvement, etc etc. etc. The board member in charge of the technology committee should be able to pick and choose from a wide variety of candidates.

Again – utilize your membership of thousands and thousands to get the best for the job. Utilize them to give extra brain power to the committees. Be transparent to the membership. Again, I have no idea who this Johnson couple are who have been named to teach cooking but I feel there are other people out there more qualified to teach in a foreign country. It looks to me ( and a multitude of other members ) that it was WHO they knew not WHAT they knew. The days of the Board handing out assignments because they’re friends or pals with someone should be a thing of the past. Years ago, members of the Board knew all the members. . That’s not true today. KCBS has so many new members that the Board has no idea what kind of brain power is out there just looking to be utilized. Things like this international appointment need to be opened up to the membership so the BEST POSSIBLE person can be given the assignment. And if you think this is sour grapes, it isn’t. I wish our jobs would enable us to do something like this but they won’t. We wouldn’t be able to apply but that doesn’t mean that Charlie wouldn’t have a lot of insight into what issues you might run into in Europe trying to get this thing off the ground there. Too bad all that knowledge is going to go to waste. Instead of being able to be PROACTIVE on issues, it’s going to end up being a REACTIVE muddle.

Barbara Frank
Mad Hogs and an Englishman
Member of KCBS

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