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Veterans Day

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Posted by Yorta on November 13, 2011 at 05:02:11:

I came to this country from "across the pond" but I like to think of myself as a true "Suthnah" - I love the people and food of Dixie and I now have roots in this region.

My father served 20+ years in the US ARMY and my mother proudly got her US citizenship after we moved here. I told a couple of stories about my parents on this forum a few years back and I'd like to present them again, with your patience.

My father loved this country and couldn't wait to join the ARMY. He joined as soon as he graduated high school and spent the next 20+ years in the service of his country. I remember he always longed to cook perfect BBQ but never had the proper equipment to attain this desire. We had many a summer meal where he presented charred, smoking ribs. Because of this I learned to cook excellent BBQ for my parents and family. My father has since passed away but I must admit, I still long for his imperfect bbq ribs.

Now, about my mother...
As soon as we moved to the US my mother decided she wanted to become a US citizen. She studied long and hard for the citizenship test and she was quite proud when she got her citizenship. Quite a few years later I was clearing-out a closet in my parents' house when I came across a box containing a faded flag and told my parents I would have the flag properly destroyed. My mother saw the flag and said "you can't destroy that - I was given that flag on the day I became an American citizen." That flag was proudly displayed the very next day.

I still own the flag my mother received on the day she became an American citizen and I own the flag we received when my father was given a soldier's burial. Like my American citizenship, I hold these things dear to my heart.

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