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Re: Denmark, Australia, Borneo, and England

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Posted by Grizmt on November 26, 2011 at 14:33:29:

In Reply to: Re: Denmark, Australia, Borneo, and England posted by rocksbarbque on November 26, 2011 at 10:38:07:

I'm hoping you meant stand up for what's right? It seems that there's a couple of different groups out there. Some who just want to compete, they could care less how the event comes about or who was stepped on/screwed as long as A. it wasn't them, B.It pays out what the promoter advertised, C. Is not too high a cost (but that's flexible).

Then you have the group that while they profess to care in conversations and agree that something's wrong will just shrug when the comp comes up and say "well, there's nothing else around and it's going to happen anyway so I might as well go".

Thirdly you've got a group who puts their fingers in their ears and chant "naaaa,naaa,naaa I can't hear you" when anything is said that might cause their precious group/event to look bad. This group either has a serious phobia with confrontation or has drunk so much of the koolaid (or are paid) that they don't want to hear reality much less face it or say it.

Lastly you have a smaller group who sees things that are A. Cheating in violation of the written or spirit of a rule, B. Something that stinks like self dealing or favoritism, C. Obvious back door dealing.

This group then has the absolute gall to point out what they see is a problem (how DARE they) and then get attacked for it being accused of either just stirring the pot, doing something for revenge,doing it for spite or sour grapes.

Is it at all possible that some/most of what's said is pointed out for the perceived good of the group or at least with good intentions and not "sour grapes"?

I try to look at each one on it's own merits and then decide what's most likely the truth.

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