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Re: KCBS Special Meeting Agenda (long)

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Posted by The Englishman on November 30, 2011 at 20:28:26:

In Reply to: KCBS Special Meeting Agenda posted by Leedawg on November 29, 2011 at 21:55:29:

Sooooo, just been visiting the British BBQ Society Forum...way to go KCBS BOD. What a way to foster international relations! Problem is now the good folks who run our Society have made themselves a complete laughing stock over in the UK. Let me put it this way.. several years ago, the BBBQS tried to talk with the KCBS, KCBS showed no interest, BBBQS continued to grow and now that that they have quite a few members, KCBS doesn't like it. Hate to tell you this, KCBS're not the only folks who run BBQ in the US, what makes you think you can run BBQ in the world? Not to be unkind, and I apologize if I po some folks here on this forum, but it is this sort of "Because we Americans are bigger, better, richer, stronger than you, you have to do what we say' attitude that makes most of the rest of world dislike America. From what I can see, for some reason the KCBS Board is trying to bully the BBBQS. I can't for the life of me think of a reason why folks 4,000 miles away who enjoy doing something that 1,000's of people over here also enjoy, are proving to be so problamatical to 10 people. And what if they don't 'cease & desist'? Are the board going to spend $100,000's of our (the members) money taking the BBBQS to an International law court? (coz that's what they'd have to). I, for one wouldn't vote for that, sorry folks!
OK, rant over...
The Englshman

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