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KCBS Comment Cards

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Posted by Bill in Denver on December 06, 2011 at 20:21:56:

This is one of the better comments I have seen posted concerning comment cards... From the forum section, QJudge

The comment made is exactly what I feel and know from my judging experience...

I would like to see opinions from cooks and judges on The BBQ Forum...

QJudge: "It's real simple; KCBS needs to get the Reps onboard with the comment cards.

I don't mind writing comment cards and I believe that to be true of most of the judges in this area, but the Reps set the tone. If they embrace the comment cards a lot will be written if they donít you won't see many if any cards.

I've judged at RMBBQA Cup events where the Reps have made a bigger case for why we shouldn't write a comment card then for why we should. After a speech like that no one has the confidence that any card written will actually make its way to the teams.

At another RMBBQA Cup event the Reps "forgot" the comments cards. I think they had one pad of comment cards and tore off three cards for each table. Needless to say not many comment cards were written that day.

At one RMBBQA Cup event I judged the Rep kept the comment cards in his pocket and you had to ask him for a card if you wanted to write a comment. Oh, it gets better. He would then ask you what comment you were going to make and if your answer "passed" his test you would get a card. A single comment card was written that day.

I'm sorry but I'm not going to write a card if I have to go fishing in some Reps pocket to get one, or save up for the worst offender because there are only three on the table or because if I write one for every little thing it's a lot of work for the Reps and slows down the results.

If the Rep makes the speech about how the comment cards help the teams know how they are doing and then drops three pads of cards on each table, judges will write them."

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