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Is this what BBQ has degenerated into?

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Posted by Grizmt on December 08, 2011 at 18:19:20:

Well it seems the drama in AZ refuses to end, at least for some. I've been quiet on anything having to do with this area, it's "promoters" or other people involved and anything BBQ related. I attended an event in October and while there was some drama it had nothing to do with me or anyone around me as we're taking great pains to fly under the radar. WIth that being said I was shocked to see the following posted on a bbq forum to which I've not belonged for a few months now, nor have I posted there.
All we want to do is attend bbq events without trouble, without having to deal with cliques,bar buddies,people who are bought and paid for or people totally out for themselves and the dollar etc. Is that even possible?
Please tell me outside AZ the whacko's don't run the asylum.
I've got no "followers" so that makes things even more perplexing.
Here's what I found today.

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I think I have the hang of this posting thing now..

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Re: Holiday Cook-off for Kids - Dual KCBS Event- $10K in Prize money
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IAB30 is right on all accounts in defending their sport and their state from ***** and followers(*****) these continued actions with intent to stir it up should be attacked and defended by all teams that share in the love of our sport and respect our State.Hopefully Arizona teams will continue to aggressively defend what we love untill we drive these BIPOLAR half wits from where we if you want to have fun and enjoy BBQ then please come out and share a great weekend with us but if your one of them and follow Jim jones and crew then please be aware that security is very heavy and you will be escorted out..

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