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Re: WSM 22.5" Technique

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Posted by redc1c4 on December 14, 2011 at 00:10:01:

In Reply to: WSM 22.5" Technique posted by Leedawg on December 08, 2011 at 21:38:06:

i have two grill/grates on the bottom, 90* to each other and wired together, so it's harder for small coals to fall through. i also have the charcoal ring, and just fill the ring with briquets (almost out of my "Original Charcoal Co." stash from a few years back) and light 10-12 or so on the side burner of my NG grill, then pour them into the hollow coffee can in the middle of the ring, pulling it out with channel locks.

i usually use 3-5 small pieces of oak for smoke, or guava for turkey, and lay them out on top of the charcoal, near, but not right next to where the lit coals are going to go. i want the temp to be up to the 225-250 range before they start burning.

initially, i have all vents wide open, but when the temp starts to come up, i start closing the bottom vents one at a time, starting with the ones facing into the ambient air flow.

once my high tech temp sensor (a candy thermometer in the top vent) says we're in range, the top stays wide open and i usually have the sole downwind vent only part way open, then i go to bed. getting the temp up and stable takes 1-2 hours usually. i've never had a temp excursion while doing this, but i don't stay gone to long during this time either.

you don't have to hover, but don't get busy elsewhere.

hope that helps. i'm going to give the flower pot idea a try: the sand pan appears to be bending the supports inside my lower middle section.

yeah, i have two middle sections on my WSM: it's a long story that involves Juggy, beer, power tools, and there are pics and links posted here somewhere.

regards to all,

Valley Dude, like totally, fer sure.

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