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Judging Misconduct

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Posted by Big Daddy's Q'n Crew on December 12, 2011 at 13:22:48:

After turn-in’s at a contest this past weekend, a judge came by the booths to visit the teams. When he came to mine, the topic of chicken came up. He asked me what type of meat I turned in and I said legs. He immediately said, “Oh legs. When I open the box and see legs, I immediately dislike them” “I don’t score them high because they aren’t the traditional KCBS turn-in, thighs.”

In speaking to a team later that evening, this same judge told him he wouldn’t do well in the chicken category, because the sauce he used “wasn’t traditional” sauce, and thus he didn’t like it. (This team took 5th place in chicken the next day using the same sauce, with different judges).

Aren’t judges supposed to score what is presented to them (be it a wing, leg, breast or thigh) based on its merits, such as appearance, taste and tenderness? Not their preconceived or pre-formulated opinion or bias?

For a judge to form his opinion and base his scoring on the mere fact that the turn-in is not something that he prefers or is used to, is fundamentally wrong. That’s like a court judge saying someone is guilty, based on the shirt they are wearing and not on the facts of the case.

I apologize for venting, but to put the time, effort and the expense into something, only to have someone down grade me without even tasting my product, is very frustrating.

Lately it seems common place to hear stories about judging and rep misconduct and mishaps. KCBS needs to stop worrying about overseas BBQ Associations, who’s doing what and who said what, and clean up their own backyard first and foremost.

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