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Re: Judging Misconduct

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Posted by Butcher Boy on December 15, 2011 at 19:03:20:

In Reply to: Judging Misconduct posted by Big Daddy's Q'n Crew on December 12, 2011 at 13:22:48:

I have said this before but I think I need to say it again.
Take some time out of your evening and check out some of the "cooking Shows" that are on the tube every night. Listen to the Trained chef's that judge the food that is being cooked. Almost always if there are three judges you will hear three different opinions. These people are highly trained chef's or cooks. If they can't 100% agree on how good the entry's are that they are judging, just how in the heck do some of you think that common BBQ judges are going to agree and give the cook the score they "THINK" they should have.
At least as a cook you have the chance to recoop some of your expense if you have a good enough day to get a top call. As a judge 100% of my trip is on my dime. Believe me I don't have a problem with that. I love to attend all the contests I can and I average about 10 per year. The average trip I spend 6 to 10 hours driving. I don't spend that much time in the truck just so I can "stick it to some cook" I do it because I an a fan of great BBQ and I love meeting new friends. Oh, and yes I look forward to the only payoff judges get, taking some of the best BBQ in the country home. Yeah I said it I like to take it home. Not so much for myself but so my friends and family can have a sample of just what real BBQ should taste like.
Go ahead and put that 7th or 8th rib in the box, It won't bankrupt ya, spread the love.

I don't disagree that there are judges out there that should not be but the vast majority of us take our job very seroiusly and do our best to be fair and honest.

I for one get sick and tired of all the whining and crying about bad judges. Some folks may just need to get over it or get the heck out, you sound pathetic. At every contest I have judged the reps go to great lengths to be sure the tables have a good mix of judges and the low score is dropped to boot. If after taking the low score away and you still end up mid pack, well, maybe, just maybe you didn't have your best day and it was not the judges fault at all.

For the most part we are all out there for the same thing. Sharing great BBQ with the world. Each and every one of us should do out part to promote out sport and work together to make things better for the betterment of BBQ.

The ole Butcher steps down off his soapbox,

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