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Re: A few have to complain regardless

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Posted by Grizmt on December 22, 2011 at 11:41:51:

In Reply to: A few have to complain regardless...bored otherwise posted by Pickin' Porkers on December 21, 2011 at 19:49:07:

What you don't see on this board is all the carping you'll hear at events about how KCBS is being run and what many people think. I've been told many times at the end of the conversations "it doesn't matter what we say anyway so why bother, it never changes".
So I guess if you're taking the lack of critical posts on this forum as an indicator of over all happiness of the membership it'd look like all is good with the world, sunshine and roses for all. The thing is, it's a false view, just look at the retention rates vs new members. Last I heard new members were just keeping up with the ones who left for one reason or another. If life was all roses you'd think membership should've doubled by now right?

You've also got to take into account that while people may be unhappy they won't bother to come on this or any other forum to voice their complaints (for obvious reasons like the post I'm responding to) they just quit.

As for "not one thing the KCBS can do will affect your quality of life and income. They will not have a dramatic impact on your life in any manner." This is not necessarily true, it depends what your business (which can dictate your quality of life) is now doesn't it? If your business revolves around BBQ then what the BOD does or doesn't do or allows to happen or not happen can have a drastic effect on your life.

As for "Do not get caught up in any gossip or posts made on this or any boards. Go cook your best....make friends happy and if you compete..."
This goes back to what I've been told over and over again, and seen with my own eyes, it's the attitude "if it doesn't impact me or affect my cooking at a comp directly then so what, who cares who gets shafted or slighted as long as "I" get paid".
One would like to think little things like ethics, honesty,transparency as well as other things might be at least a little important?

Think about it, it may not directly affect you this time or next, but if/when it ever did I'd bet some would be right out there tapping on their keyboards or at an event screaming for someone's head and wanting action or most likely they'd just quit.

The "gossips and/or bashing" you see could very well be people who are willing to stand up and seek change or point out failures in policy/process instead of taking the easy route and either quitting or closing their eyes and ignoring what's going on as it may upset their ability to party.

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