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Voting in elections

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Posted by Ray Basso on January 06, 2012 at 00:02:20:

In Reply to: Nothing New posted by Turk on January 05, 2012 at 18:09:36:

You said: "That being said I'll bet less than 25 percent of members vote again this year so apparently most don't care."

That is why I started the first poll about "How many are going to vote." Then I followed it up with the second poll that is running now "Have you voted..." I also made note of the board election in my New Years post. I wanted to encourage as much talk about the election as possible. I think it's a real shame that more people don't vote in this election. But voting is not enough we need informed voters. People have the right to vote but there are consequences of all elections. If people vote by just name recognition then usually bad results happen. You need to know what the candidates stand for and if they are incumbents then you need to review what happened as a result of their time in office.

During polls that we have run in the past it's clear that about 400 KCBS member reply to polls on this forum. Yet only a small number of people ever respond to any poll, any where, at any time. So actual number of KCBS members, on this forum during any month is much higher. Therefore this forum is and can be a major force in elections, concerning the KCBS Board, when in past results anyone getting 900 votes can be a winner.

I would like to see people running for KCBS use this forum more to explain why people should vote for them but but they don't seem to bother much. Also a lot of the talk this year about this election have not been very positive which is not going to encourage people to vote.

I hope in the few days remaining we will all encourage everyone to get busy and vote. But be informed and make your vote count. Don't waste your vote. Some people may not like it but the success of KCBS is important to everyone involved in serious barbecue. If we vote for the wrong people the organization can falter or fail and that is bad for all of us. This basic principle applies to voting not only on this KCBS election but in National Elections. So intelligent voting in this election is good practice for other elections, if nothing else.

Ray Basso

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