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Re: Voting in elections

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Posted by Jorge on January 06, 2012 at 12:35:30:

In Reply to: Voting in elections posted by Ray Basso on January 06, 2012 at 00:02:20:

Maybe I'm an example of a rebound effect in politics as we've come to know it. I've come to loath having political pitches shoved in my face, and as a result I'm reluctant to do the same to others. That approach may not serve me well.

I've chosen to run on the issues, and make my message available via a website, and facebook where I've addressed those issues and taken any questions offered by members.

I've also been the recipient of unsolicited and anonymous email with the apparent intent of keeping things stirred up. I made myself a public figure, and I expect any claims of wrongdoing to be serious enough that somebody is willing to stand behind them. It has been a little discouraging to say the least.

I've got no problem discussing the issues facing KCBS and the membership. What I don't want to be a part of is a dogpile or pointless finger pointing. When I made the choice to run, I also made the decision to stick to the issues and leave individuals and personalities out of the mix. I'm comfortable that I've been able to do that to this point. The issues that I have are with the board as a whole, and not the individual members that have chosen to serve.

I made the decision to run based on my perception of what has or hasn't been accomplished by the board. I made the decision to run with three other individuals that I know personally and feel comfortable counting as friends. Jeff Stith, Dave Compton, and Steve Farrin. I live in Texas but have met each through BBQ, whether I traveled to the Northeast, Midwest, or via an online forum. We've had the opportunity to discuss various issues in person, via the phone, or used the internet. Each has ideas to help KCBS move forward and better serve the membership. As a result, we decided to run together.

Running as a informal ticket isn't about making a power play. It's about having common goals and ideas, and a desire to offer some leadership to end the bickering and get on with the business of moving KCBS forward. I live my life by what I call 'big boy rules'. I'm responsible for my words and actions, and that extends to the internet. I won't say something from behind the monitor that I wouldn't say to someone's face. I expect the same courtesy. I can agree to disagree without becoming disagreeable and rarely learn anything new from someone that shares the same opinion. I've never asked for a vote, but I am asking for the opportunity to earn them.

If members have questions or concerns, I'm willing to hear them here or via any other way they may be comfortable with. I share a site with my running mates at There are links for email and facebook pages there as well. You can learn more about my thoughts there, but since Mr. Basso has encouraged discussion here on this forum I'd be more than happy to entertain any questions here.

Whether any of you choose to vote for myself or the folks I've chosen to run with, I'd encourage you to vote. In the last election the participation from members was disappointing. Less than 19% does not adequately represent the membership. I can live with not being elected if an informed membership turns out and elects candidates that represent their views.

Thanks to Ray Basso, for making this forum available and greater thanks to those that take the time to participate in the process.

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