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Re: Regional board seats

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Posted by Big Creek BBQ - Jeff on January 15, 2012 at 10:33:35:

In Reply to: Regional board seats posted by BBQ bob on January 15, 2012 at 01:52:05:

Bob, if I recall correctly, the question was whether members would support regional representation. And I do not remember the actual margin on the results. I do know it was not a question that would put regional representation in place if passed. As I stated in the campaign, I am in favor of it at the committee level at this point for several reasons, one of which would be what happens if there's not a viable candidate or ANY candidate who wants it in a particular region? Here's how I envision the committees of KCBS working:

1. The Board adopts a regionalized committee system - each chair must select one committee member from each of pre-determined regions (6 to 8 regions). They must include at least one each of a cook, a judge, an organizer and a rep.

2. Said committee members are listed on the KCBS Web site and not kept a secret as they are now.

3. Monthly, the committee meets via conference call to consider their agendas which will be both ideas they have developed and anything the Board has sent to their committee to resolve, working within required timeframes on time-sensitive issues.

4. The committee chair attends via conference call or in person the monthly Board meetings. Ideally I would like to see this being a member at large and not a board member. The board member would be a liason and advisor to the committee and its chair and would participate in all of their conference calls. The chair submits his or her report to the board. Any issues the committee has resolved will have those resolutions presented to the board to ask questions, discuss and vote on. If the board approves, great. If not, they give their reasons and the committee goes back to work.

In this system, the committees have authority and are held accountable for their assignments and thus regional representation is achieved. Additionally, it allows the board to consider recommendations rather than bringing up motions and discussing/debating for an hour. The board is then more efficient and there is WAY less micromanagement. This is the way most cities work... park board, planning and zoning board, etc. They all work on the side making plans and formulating ideas that are then taken to city council for approval.

Just my ideas that I've been discussing since the campaign began and I'd like to explore this as a workable system going forward.

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