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The view of things 36 hours later

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Posted by Big Creek BBQ - Jeff on January 20, 2012 at 13:15:00:

They say things always look better in the light of day. And while the registration process did not go well for a lot of people, others figured out a way to make it work for them. Some of those will now be traveling further than they had planned. We will be going to Des Moines rather than Lenexa but a bright spot is we will be cooking in a location where we have yet to fire up and will probably cook against some teams we have never met up with. One thing Tammy and I have learned from traveling a lot of miles for barbecue is that we have a chance to meet new people and cultivate new friendships. So all in all, travel canít be too bad if it makes your BBQ family larger. Iíve read a lot of comments about it from all angles. I have no doubt KCBS, along with MMA is doing due diligence in trying to find a solution. And based on sentiment out on forums and people I've talked to, it cannot go unmentioned that the staff in the KCBS office is impressive and admirable in their dedication to the members! I understand they were there at least four or five hours past the end of an already long work day and handled all sorts of issues with courtesy and empathy. The entire staff deserves kudos for their work under pressure. I am not a programmer at all so I donít know if it is reasonable to say the issues could have been foreseen but what happened is done and I appreciate seeing the very proactive steps being taken by KCBS and MMA to find acceptable solutions. I imagine this will be a very beneficial learning experience for all of us. No one is perfect but I think we all have the same goal of making KCBS as close to it as we can. As long as weíre all on the same page there, itís a win-win. I was as frustrated as the next person but in looking at the bigger picture, how can KCBS and Samís Club be anything but pleased to know something theyíve put together and sponsored for all of us creates so much enthusiasm, interest and emotion? Itís obviously something we are all passionate about as weíve shown the last 36 hours Ė that can only lead to bigger and better going forward.

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