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Re: stumps pits

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Posted by Gary Lanton on February 07, 2012 at 19:54:16:

In Reply to: stumps pits posted by smokin turtle on February 06, 2012 at 19:23:32:

I have owned a Stumps Baby, then a GF 223, now I have a Stretch and the 1st Monster! Ive only had it a week and have done some major cooking on it. Here are a couple of my first impressions.

1. This cooker moves a lot of air! This means that wood that you put in the ash pan or chute burns hot. By that I mean a good clean smoke. There is no smoldering of wood chunks of this cooker. This leaves a great bark on the meat.

2. I cooked a dozen whole chickens on the Monster, and the skin was crispy! There will be no need to scarpe chicken skins with the way it cooks. I think this too could be the cause of all of the air flow.

3. I like the versatility that the Monster offers. You can adjust the tuning plate to create whatever type of cooker you like. You can move the plates all the way to the left to have a reverse flow style cooker. You can evenly space them for a more equal temp throughout the cook chamber. Finally, you can move them all to the right to create a Jambo type cooker meaning that you can have your smoke come straight out of the firebox and on top of your meat instead of under.

To give a little background, We started cooking competitons in March of 2010. I had an XL BGE and a Large BGE. We were a middle of the road and down team. 6 months later I bought a Stumps Baby cooker. The first time out we got our first, 1st place call and missed GC by less than 3 points. 2 months after that I sold the Baby and bought the 223. Our second competition using it we won our first GC. After that contest I sold the 223 and bought a Stretch. We have since won 6 GC's using that cooker. As we improved the cooker we were cooking with, our results soon followed. We will be cooking our first competiton this weekend on the new Monster. I am anxious to see how Stump's "Masterpiece" does in the heat of the battle.

This is just my .02 about the cookers. They are well built for sure, but there is a reason that the top competition BBQ cooks in the country cook on Stumps.


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