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Steamed BBQ Buns

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Posted by Ray Basso on March 17, 2012 at 12:55:50:

Pictured above are some "BBQ Buns." The idea for this came from a friend of ours that cooks for one of the large hotels in Kansas City and with my wife's help. These "BBQ Forum BBQ Buns" are very simple to make. The Buns in this picture are stuffed with barbecued brisket. You could use cooked chicken, pulled pork or anything else.

They are made using the cheapest biscuits that come in the round cans at your supermarket. Use the cheap generic biscuits and not the more expensive big name biscuits, because these taste better. The brand that we use is "Always Save Buttermilk Biscuits." This brand is distributed by Associated Grocers in Kansas City. You open the cans and take two biscuits, use one for the top of the bun and one for the bottom. Stretch out the biscuits so you about double the diameter. You then gently press the edges together leaving an opening for you to spoon in what ever cooked meat you what to use. After putting in the filling press the edges to seal all around.

Then you place them in a steamer. My wife uses a very simple steamer that has water in the bottom and a basket to hold what ever your steaming. Anyway steam the buns for about 15 to 17 minutes. If you steam them too long the filling will get dry. The biscuits will swell up as they cook in the steam.

After they are done you can wrap any leftovers in cheap plastic sandwich bags. Then put the individually wrapped bun in a large zip lock bag and freeze them. Then next time your hungry take a couple out, thaw and then heat in the microwave. I like to put some barbecue sauce in the plate and dip the buns in the sauce as I eat.

It's not necessary but you can brown them in a skillet with a little olive oil. Another variation is after the buns have been steamed and allowed to cool you can deep fry them just enough to brown them. This makes a really tasty treat.

I keep thinking about making this more elaborate like browning the the tops of the buns with a propane torch but I never do. I am sure others can think up variations on this idea.

Ray Basso

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