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Re: pink slime

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Posted by chesterq on March 26, 2012 at 09:21:51:

In Reply to: pink slime posted by mike on March 23, 2012 at 08:45:19:

The process takes fat trimmings that, yes, without further processing are classified as “waste” since the intent of the beef fabrication process is to create product for human consumption, and the trimmings in original form are not used in a product for human consumption. It’s not as if the trimmings are in some way wholly unfit – they are high fat/low lean trimmings, not desirable as-is for humans, but more fit as-is for inclusion in higher fat pet foods. Have you ever purchased a beef steak or roast, and before cooking trimmed the fat and a bit of the lean to get a very lean cut for roasting or grilling? The trimmings you produced were discarded in some way, wasted not because you couldn't but because you chose not to consume them in order to reduce your fat intake. We have the same thing here. And I’m sure that you have or that that you’ve seen someone moist roast or parboil a beef cut with water added for the cooking process, cool the liquid to separate the fat, then skim the fat to make the base for a lower fat gravy or au jus. Same thing here – the trimmings are heated to separate most of the fat and then centrifuged to separate the fat, since fat has a lower density than lean. The lean is then, of course for safety, treated with proven safe methods (ammoniated, generally recognized as safe, or GRAS, in the 1970’s and used ever since) to eliminate bacteria. The resulting product (low fat beef trimmings) is a perhaps 97% lean beef product that can then be packaged and mixed with something like 80% lean ground beef to obtain higher lean hamburger. If you want to call it “filler” (again a pejorative), ok, but it makes the hamburger products more desirable for many consumers. And isn’t that a goal, lower fat products for humans?

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