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Re: 5 year direction of BBQ contests

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Posted by Greendriver on April 23, 2012 at 08:56:10:

In Reply to: 5 year direction of BBQ contests posted by Ray Basso on April 21, 2012 at 16:42:54:

The outlook for the economy is definitely a factor and that is basically coming from the outlook on the coming election. I think it will either hold it’s own or decline but based on the fact that it is no doubt being supported by a continuous flow of relatively new teams that have really not had time to either put the put a pencil to it or think it all through very well. Cost vs Reward will come to light when they do think it through and the often repeated adage of “I just like to go to go and have fun with friends” won’t hold as true as it did when they first started and will cause them to compete less or not at all. Most teams even if they make that claim of “going just to have fun” do not appear to fit that description while they are there and for the most part seem to be quite serious competitors with the desire to win. I doubt too much success could be expected with divisions because you would be asking teams to continue to spend the same to compete in a contest while being in a lower division and/or organizers and KCBS would have to charge less. More regional incentives like we have here with the Ga BBQ Championship followed up with a National event would help, as would a few rule changes. Each individual will make up his or her own minds about it though.

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