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Re: Here we go again... now it's meat glue

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Posted by Qfan on April 28, 2012 at 16:53:03:

In Reply to: Here we go again... now it's meat glue posted by TN-bbq on April 27, 2012 at 17:42:31:

Another example of a little bit of information being a bad thing.... Restaurants are not using this ingredient to bind 'inferior' meats into the shape of premium meats. And if some are, they are the kinds of places you and I don't want to frequent in the first place and this deception is probably the least of their quality and service infractions. What this product CAN do is allow restaurants to get full utilization out of premium meats, most notably beef tenderloin, by allowing them to bind tail ends together, seam to seam and grain with grain, to create usable steaks from pieces that usually had to go to less lucrative dishes like beef stroganoff, beef tip appetizers, chili etc. By reducing waste it keeps restaurants viable, which is a good thing for everyone, from the owner to the consumer. As well, 'meat glue' allows steak houses to make bacon wrapped filets without the risk of consumer injury through a forgotten or broken off skewer/toothpick. The ingredient is a natural derivative from seaweeds and plant protein. It's been shown to be safe, and as Reg said, it's opened some doors for creativity with chefs, which also, is a good thing.

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