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european competitions kcbs at last

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Posted by thorsten denmark on May 02, 2012 at 16:04:30:

finally at last kcbs is here in europe so contests have become real.
Previously we have only had an association called WBQA (world barbeque association) arrange and judge contests in denmark and other places in europe .
In my opinion very corrupt. The judges are "owned" by sponsors, (typically ditributors of bbq equipment). These distributors enter teams who somehow always win, (surprise! the judges are owned by the same distributors!)
It is such a breath of fresh air KCBS has come to europe this year!
at last we have fair BBQ judging in europe!
incidentally .. the "WBQA" in denmark has thought up a new fun rule for the 2012 "national danish championship"
...when submitting a BBQ sauce you must provide the recipe!
excuse me but why? I have never heard of anything more ridiculous!
...I suppose so the recipe can be made into a marketable product by the sponsors? or used in a competition in the united states when the sponsors are playing "danish national bbq team"?
by the way if you run into "the danish national bbq team " ...know this: they have never competed in any contest ever outside the united states! they are a self proclaimed "danish national barbeque team", nothing else!

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