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Re: Go get you a "can-o-air"

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Posted by StumpBaby on June 01, 2012 at 15:10:03:

In Reply to: Go get you a "can-o-air" posted by woodburner on May 31, 2012 at 16:51:34:

I farted next two my grill wonce. There wuz flames shootin outta mine bald self, what i can't even describe. Nobody but nobody wood put me out neetha. I had tenda vittles for weeks on two this very day today evin... i swear i smell burnt toste when i poop.....still good as that wudn't worth wudnt wirth it at all....

maybe ifn it smellt like burnt waffels....thatd prolly be wirth it..heck i'd like to poop then all wayz.. and i'd prolly fart next too anybodies grill two..for like free..juss for the free waffel poops....

I don't think youd get that from a can though....heck if they figured out how ta can that....weed all have waffel poops and the whorld wood prolly be a much happiyer place an everythin..cept maybe for folks what made waffel irons...they'd prolly not be two happee...but they seem xtra waffel iron can spin all around and like upside down an watnot and still it can stay hot the hole i'm shure theyd go off an thinka somethin what folks poop wood never ever smell matter ware or when they done floated hot air weed all be havin waffel poops an some new fangdangled kinda gadgit what'd be totally poop-smellin safe for all of us....

im thinkin maybe that can is a good idea afta all....but that mite just be me....

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