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Posted by RogueQ on June 12, 2012 at 16:25:50:

Received my contest registration sheet last night for the 20th Annual State Barbeque Championship of Nebraska. I had not planned on entering this contest because of my support of Phat Jacks and a current dispute they have with GOBS regarding free entries due from last years Heartland Challenge. Despite my disagreement in how GOBS is handling this matter, they were also responsible for helping me get involved with BBQ & the current vice-president of GOBS was responsible for the organization supporting a raffle to help my team attend the Jack in 2008. 

I mention this because in the past my association with this organization has been very positive and they have done good things in the past. I have come across disclaimers before but even if I wasn't involved with the Phat Jacks GOBS feud, I think the disclaimer they have would be a deal breaker. Just curious if other cooks view this in the same way I'm reading it. Key points, second sentence is essentially the Matt Burt clause, but the other kicker is if they would cancel the contest they can pick and choose on an individual basis who would get refunds on the entry fee. Also seems odd to be able to pick and choose who can be in a contest in the first place, only time someone should be banned would be when something that happened at a previous contest that justifies it. 

Disclaimer is as follows; Disclaimer: GOBS has organized the above 20th Annual Nebraska State BBQ Contest in the interests of fun and promoting the art of hardwood smoking. GOBS reserves the right to refuse contest entry to any cooking team or individual without cause. This contest may be canceled or postponed by GOBS at any time prior to August 31, 2012 because of any circumstances that prevent the fair conduct of the contest or that are beyond the control of the GOBS organization. In the event of the cancelation or postponement, refund of the contest entry fee will be considered on a team or individual basis; otherwise, neither the GOBS organization, nor any member of the Board of Directors or any GOBS member at large, accepts any liability, financial or otherwise, to any cooking team or individual participating in the 20th Annual Nebraska State BBQ Contest for the cancellation, postponement or change in sanction status of the contest.

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