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Re: what happened here

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Posted by Vince - RnQ on June 25, 2012 at 00:47:29:

In Reply to: what happened here posted by Buddy on June 24, 2012 at 16:08:35:

I find it unbelievable that the results of contest were not only validated but are also going to be used in TOY calculations. The results of the contest were invalidated when the Reps did not seat 6 judges at all tables and then allowed food to be judged by only 4 judges on two of the four categories.

To treat the missing scores as "lost cards" is laughable considering the enormity of the error and doing so is hardly different than what the Reps themselves did by falsifying the results instead of acknowledging the error and seeking a proper remedy. Further, having read the discussion on the RMBBQA forum, it appears that the judges seated at the two short tables tried to bring the problem to the attention of the Reps and were ignored.

It is my opinion that the only proper course of action is for KCBS to declare the contest results as invalid and to hold the position that it did not meet the necessary standards for the event to be a qualifier for the Jack, the Royal and any other invitationals. Replacing fabricated scorecards with averaged scorecards is hardly a realistic solution.

My team cooked at a contest sanctioned by IBCA a few years ago where the Head Judge at the event committed errors which violated the integrity of the contest results and that sanctioning body had the good sense to simply declare the contest as a non-qualifier. It was a shame that it happened but the errors were such that they could not be corrected. The same circumstances apply at the North Platte event but it appears the KCBS lacks the same good sense.

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