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Re: what happened here

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Posted by Vince - RnQ on June 25, 2012 at 11:26:10:

In Reply to: Re: what happened here posted by Candy Sue on June 25, 2012 at 09:19:27:

The greater issue, which the BOD seems to have lost sight of, is that the fundamental integrity of the event was compromised by the Contest Reps. By cosmetically validating this contest and allowing the results to be included in TOY and to be used as a qualifier, the BOD has now broadened the impact of that compromised result instead of putting an stop to the damage.

What seems to be missing here is the understanding that thousands of teams put their trust into the KCBS system and the Contest Reps who are supposed to be on hand to insure that everything is done properly and according to the rules. That trust has been broken and the follow up action of the BOD doesn't do much to reestablish that trust.

Simply put, the contest is invalid. It stinks but it's true. You can't salvage a fair result because the proper protocols for judging were not followed and all teams were not given a fair and equal chance to have their food judged. Making up scores for judges who were never there to begin with is not going to change the fact that there were never enough judges seated in the first place. Bite the bullet, toss out the contest and move on. Demonstrate that the organization will not accept this kind of thing in any way, shape or form.

And speaking of throwing things out, a one year dismissal with the option to reapply as Reps in Training is also laughable. These two people, the ones who are entrusted with the responsibility for maintaining that fair and level playing ground, are the ones who created this situation and then took it a step farther by perpetrating a fraud via the scorecards to cover up their error. I see no circumstances that could ever justify allowing either of these people to hold such important positions of responsibility again within the organization.

What the Contest Reps did was bad enough. What the BOD has done in response makes it that much worse. KCBS should stand for the highest level of honor and integrity, not the path of least resistance.

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