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Problem with KCBS fix for N. Platte

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Posted by Quau on June 25, 2012 at 12:04:20:

The method KCBS used to create scores for those the were unlucky enough to land on the tainted tables is flawed in that it ignores an established rule, rule 7 Judging Procedure, which is unambiguous in stating "the low score will be thrown out." They further compound the issue by rounding this average to a whole number in the preliminary math steps. When calculating a number to the ten thousandth .0000 you carry the decimals out and round at the end. KCBS categories, contests and cash prizes are often decided by .0002 of a point. Standard math procedure tells to carry numbers out until final result then rounded.

Here are actual chicken scores, there are only 4, because the remaining 2 scores were fabricated by the rep and thrown out.
877 988 999 999 xxx xxx

Rather than throw the low score out, like the other 38 teams were allowed to do, these scores were averaged together to create the 2 missing scores. After using this average to create two new made up scores they then dropped the low score, but the damage is already done.

Using their method the new scores both become 8.75 8.25 8.25, KCBS then rounds to the nearest whole number at this preliminary calculation so the lost scores become 988 988, so we now have 5 scores 988 999 999 988 988. when multiplying out the presentation score by .5714, the taste by 2.2858 and the tenderness by 1.1428 according to rule 6, and tallying the scores the final score becomes 169.7143

If we drop the low score 1st and use the averaging method the new scores become 9.00 8.66667 8.6667 which round to 999 999, we now have 5 scores to use 988 999 999 999 999 which works out to a final score of 176.5714. This demonstrates the effect of not dropping the low score first as per rule 7. However the fundamental issue is that both these methods ignore standard math procedure by rounding to a whole number immediately in the calculations

It took me 5 minutes to do the following calculations carrying the averaged numbers unrounded all the way to a final score, surely any rep with a calculator could do the same.

Averaging with out throwing out the low score first, but not rounding, we get newly created scores of 8.75 8.25 8.25
the 5 scores are now 988 999 999 (8.75 8.25 8.25) (8.75 8.25 8.25), when calculated out the final score becomes 171.1428

Going 1 step further and dropping the low score first and not rounding to the whole number in an intermediate step we get 9, 8.6667, 8.6667 for the newly created scores, the 5 scores of 988 999 999 (9 8.6667 8.6667)(9 8.6667 8.6667) work out to a final score of 174.2859

KCBS chose the method which doesn't follow their own rules, rule 7 and ignores standard math procedure by immediately rounding to a whole number when ten thousandths of of a point .0002 matter. They most likely did this because their scoring software doesn't support entering decimals. The KCBS CREED says "Rules are designed to be fair and equal to all cookers." In a situation like N. Platte they should have recalculated the scores following their own rules and not rounding until the end. The software could be fixed later. To use a method which is is arbitrary and not based on standard math is detrimental to the affected cooks and i find that neither fair or equal!

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