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Posted by Hub on June 26, 2012 at 11:17:28:

At the Sams contest in Greensboro last weekend the Reps forbid judges to use wooden skewers to remove chicken from the boxes -- said the board had discussed it and determined that if one broke, there'd be grounds of "foreign object in box" misidentification. Did the board really discuss this? Or, is it still just a "rule" made up by one rep who is well known for being a narrow thinker? (when in doubt, don't)

If I use a skewer to take chicken out of box and break one off in a piece I can then either use the remaining end of the skewer or reach in a take the piece out. I think the likelihood of a judge leaving a piece of a skewer in a chicken chunk is minimal. Reps and the board don't have to finger out six slippery, usually hot, chicken pieces with their fingers then use six watered down paper towels to avoid "spreading" sauces around (or, God forbid, lick their fingers). Judges do! Please re-think this if you are a board member or have the ear of one.

This is not a huge, burning issue worthy of getting in a fight over, just a factor of convenience for judges.

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