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Suggestion for dealing with Ghost score cards

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Posted by jim j on June 28, 2012 at 11:14:13:

With the recent revelation of the events in N. Platte it occurred to me and a couple others what would stop someone from inserting forged score cards or "stacking the deck" for a team?
The N. Platte debacle actually did at least one thing positive, it highlighted what I think could be/is a large chance for wrong doing.

Please don't say "well it's double blind so nobody knows who's box is who's" because I know that can be defeated fairly easily.
With that being said I wonder why the score cards aren't sequentially numbered? If they were number like order tickets in a restaurant it would be very clear if any were substituted. If there is a lost card the reps would have a few blank ones where it would also be very clear because it's blank that it was substituted in.

There is more to this idea but I will not go into it here due to consideration to this post getting too long.

I just figured since commenting on the problem I'd at least try to propose a solution as well.

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