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Re: Chopped "Grill Masters".......

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Posted by Smoke Ring on July 03, 2012 at 11:48:41:

In Reply to: Chopped "Grill Masters"....... posted by jackitup on July 02, 2012 at 00:19:15:

I was interviewed for that show but didn't make the cut. I think I don't weigh enough. :-) They said they will most likely have another grilling show in the future, though. I also got an email from Chopped Casting looking for contestants for a series of different Chopped specials. It looks like they are trying to find a way to add some more variation to their Chopped lineup. These are the specials they say they are looking for applicants for.


If you or anyone you know fit one of the below descriptions, please apply ONLINE .


Men and women who cook up a storm at home and know their way around the kitchen. Do you spend all day at work planning what's for dinner? Are you experimenting with interesting ingredients and combinations? Do you dream of having a food business or restaurant and your night is table covered in a stack of cookbooks? APPLY HERE !


Current or former members of the US Armed Forces who served their country by serving up meals to their fellow troops. Want to prove that military food is much more than just a hot meal? APPLY HERE !


Calling MOMS whose cooking rivals any professional chefs'. Did you give up a culinary career to pursue another professional avenue or to raise your family? Maybe you've begun a fledgling culinary business. If you are truly the Head Chef of your own kitchen and cooking is your outlet and passion, APPLY HERE!

Chefs with a great WEIGHT LOSS STORY

Male and female chefs who have lost a significant amount of weight by cooking themselves thin. Did you have to develop a new style of cooking in order to lose weight gained by testing all of the unhealthy food you cook for a living? If your healthy creations kick the fat to the curb, and you can cook you're a** off using our mystery ingredients to create something lean, mean and super delicious . . . APPLY HERE !


Male and female professional chefs who work or volunteer regularly for community organizations or institutions that improve quality of life through food. Do you work in a restaurant but feed the less fortunate on your day off? Do you work at a soup kitchen serving the homeless in your city? Or do you teach low income children how to make healthy meals at home in order to fight obesity? If you are practicing service above self and are nourishing the needy, APPLY HERE!


Ready for a Chopped Family Feud? Looking for a pair of related talented chefs (not necessarily working in the same business) to compete against each other for the 10k prize. You can be cousins, siblings, grandparents, parents; any and all blood relations considered. OR is cooking in your blood and are a family of 4 all working in the culinary business and ready to prove who's tops? Whose family reins the kitchen? APPLY HERE !

TEENS (age 14-18)

Young guys or girls who are showing crazy potential in the kitchen and have a real passion for food. Are you taking cooking classes, cooking for friends or family? Thinking about a culinary career? Then APPLY HERE !

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