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Posted by Matt in Detroit on July 15, 2012 at 15:34:27:

I'm newer to BBQ cooking but a huge time consumer! Last year, after discovering BBQ Pittmasters, I was inspired to BBQ at home. I picked up the Wiviott book, read through it and had fun. I've since bought Myron's book and can't say that I love it, though his sauces are crowd pleasers. I've tried his brisket and it was a failure.

Using Wiviott's techniques, I am happy with my pulled pork and chicken is passable. I'm never in love with anything I make (BBQ or anything else), always trying to improve and make things better. This brings me to the subject of my post. My meats never seem to have much of a bark nor a char. This was the case with the brisket and certainly the fact with my ribs.

I always use Wiviott's instructions and I have a WSM. According to my themometers, my temperature stays pretty consistent at 275-300 degrees. I can't imagine what I am doing wrong unless I should finish everything off on the grill.

Maybe I am expecting too much at home. Perhaps I am just doing s bunch of things wrong. Any tips are appreciated as are referrals to articles or books, if you deem to be helpful.

Thank you!

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