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Flats or packers in a restaurant?

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Posted by jazzy on July 19, 2012 at 07:38:54:

I checked the archives before coming here so...
I'm looking for a definitive answer to what is more cost effective in a restaurant environment. I used to do flats when I catered because of many factors, I was doing all the work was the main reason. But now those factors have changed somewhat.
The cost of packers are $2.58/lb. That means that 6 packer briskets averaging 10lbs/each (60lbs total) would cost about $155. The cost of flats are now $3.78/lb.The flats are 10 each per case and 6 to 8 lbs per flat. That means that even the smallest case (60lbs total)would cost $226.80/case (the same overall weight as the packers).
The flats cook faster. Which to me equals less labor but to me they are trickier to cook. I find them less forgiving than the packers because of less fat and more chance of problems with them.
Now let's talk about yield. After trimming the packer plus the weight loss from cooking a 10lb packer will give me about 50% AT BEST yield. That means that your packer now costs $5.16/lb. or maybe a bit more.
The flat isn't trimmed so much and the yield is ???

What is the $/lb for the flat?


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