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Judges no longer allowed to talk with teams?

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Posted by Bill on July 29, 2012 at 12:05:05:

At today’s event, it was announced by the Contest Rep, that judge were not allowed to "fraternize with teams" on cooking day. A judge asked if he meant to say BEFORE turn in’s and he said no, not at all. Not before, not after, not at all on turn in day. After some gnashing of teeth by some judges the CR did call KCBS or someone on the board for clarification.

The answer came back as I understood it “to not go into team sites and discuss anything that went on in the judging area”.

(Let me go back a moment – the reason given was that at some event a judge had spoken with a team and advised he had judged their entry a couple of times at his table. Meaning he knew the entry somehow and / or the entry from a team was on a table more than once. That team in turn complained to the CR as to how his entry was known to a judge and / or ended up on same table twice.)

My opinion only - I think this rule sucks. If it were to become a rule. I for one travel within driving distance of events. 4 hours normally, I do not come in the night before which in turn would make it the only time I would have to meet and become friends with team members. Second, with all the questions of judges versus teams why do anything that makes that divide even more than it is. Third – Try being proactive with your rules rather than reactive. Instead if eliminating a fun activity for the judges who work for KCBS on their own dime, if anything ask that they not discuses entrees with teams immediately following judging if you feel that’s strongly about it and use common sense in what is discussed. Yes that may be an issue for some judges. 4th – As in today’s events case I know of one judge whose family member was in the contest cooking. Short of them not speaking following the event are you planning on banning a family member from judging an event? Otherwise that could be a long afternoon waiting until awards or made before they can speak to their husband/wife/brother/sister. How do judges become acquainted with teams to be able to ask if they can come cook to meet the Master Judge requirements? Unless KCBS is eliminating that requirement or plans to pre assign a judge to a team???

As I said it was decided judges could go speak with teams but take the approached of what happens in the Judge area stays in the judges area. And past the greetings between both parties, what is the first thing teams ask – How was the BBQ today? Have anything good?

This is one of those ideas I hope has a quick and painful death and goes away quickly as an idea not to be put into place.

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