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Re: Seems pretty silly to assume that about people

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Posted by Jackitup on July 31, 2012 at 18:06:12:

In Reply to: Re: Seems pretty silly to assume that about people posted by Gremlin Grill Pat on July 31, 2012 at 13:47:49:

The food industry is a big one and it's 'workers' really earn their pay. It creates jobs for about 10% of the workforce, a really big number, but only a fraction of those are actual owners. My middle daughter has worked in food since she was 15 making it 19 years and now is the house manager of an Outback here in MN. She busts her ass and loves it. Bottom line is new places that start up have a 60% or greater fail rate at the 3 year mark but is still a very common 'new business' start up regardless, showing there tenacity. Yes, some are dazzled by hope for glory and need that to get into any new venture, but like anything nowadays I think people "over extend" themselves wanting to start their business on the TOP instead of starting small with more modest goals and working your way up. As a whole our population has been doing this for years in our daily lives resulting in some of the present economic downturns in recent years. Dazzled...yes, if you want to use the word ignorant...some, patients....little, entitlement....too much. Pipe dreams build millionaires, fortunes and new ways of life for many, for most heartache but we still keep going, that's what it's all about. Is it silly to assume this about people, no, I wouldn't say silly, just realistic and there's not enough reality today. If people want something they get it and charge it, over and over again instead of doing it the old fashioned way and will die with just a pile of debt behind them. And no I don't 'assume' it of ALL people, just too many, not a dis or a judgement, it just is. Good luck to anyone that gets into food or any business as a new venture, just keep your hands on the wheel and your head out of the clouds ;-)


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