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Winnipeg organizer "snatch & grab" unfortunate

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Posted by Ponderosa BBQ on August 18, 2012 at 17:36:59:

Well I don't post very much and most of you guys knows I'm easy like Sunday morning but this organizer does not have an understanding of what competition team in the Kcbs body. I'll put the quick facts out there and you can make your own decision.
1st this is a sat/sun Kcbs contest
2nd organizer wanted all teams in place by 10:00 am sat?
Because of an large awning system he wanted most teams under but there was plenty of spots for teams outside of awnings.
I requested to be put on the outside
I called rep Friday afternoon to let organizer that I was going to come in sat night because I decided to do a fri/sat contest.
Organizer was upset because I decided to do another contest and his words coming in at 9:00pm sat just wasn't going to work and for me to turn around and go home.
He said there were people expecting to see you on sat and we let peoria know you were coming.
I told him I am a competitor and I compete and I was attempting to kill 2 birds with one stone since the fri/ sat was on the way to Canada.
HIS WORDS to me was we don't want american teams co
Ing up for quick snatch and grabs which floored me luckily I was only an hour away from the fri/sat contest.
Granted I was given a free entry but I was spending my own fuel to get up and back
And I guess it's his right to deny anyone I'm done venting.

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