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Re: special whole bbq rib eye recipe for 50th anniver

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Posted by jeffb on August 19, 2012 at 21:27:18:

In Reply to: special whole bbq rib eye recipe for 50th anniver posted by woody on August 19, 2012 at 20:27:18:

Basically you are doing a prime rib. Have the butcher cut the ribs off and tie them back on. Marinade how you wish but I do olive oil, Worcestershire, whatever blend of spices ( Weber, KC Masterpiece, etc) including pepper and garlic salt. Coat all including the ends, wrap in Saran wrap and put in a big zip lock for 24 hrs. 

I use a WSM with pecan and Jack Daniels chips-- use whatever appeals to you but I typically use less chips with prime rib to not overwhelm it. Let it warm up out of fridge while you get smoker going and cook bone side down.  If you're used to a WSM it will typically cook prime at 275-325 and take 3-4 hrs. I've experimented with various finish temps but usually pull it off at 135, then loosely tent for 15-30 minutes. It will cook another 10 degrees but you will have the middle medium rare and the ends medium for those who have to have it that way. ( For those watching the carving,the "red" will dissipate to pinkish after it is sliced and sits for 10 min. Tell the medium folks to be patient) 

While it is resting, fire up your grill as hot as it goes--usually around 600 degrees-- and simply throw the prime on the grill and roll it around for a minute or two. This gets some more bark on the outside. Let it rest another 10-15 then cut the strings, slice and eat. I sometimes skip the grill part and just go for it. If you have a nice Petit Syrah or Zin, they will stand up to the prime with horseradish!! Good Luck!!

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