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Re: ATL BBQ Festival

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Posted by bbqman1 on September 17, 2012 at 06:22:29:

In Reply to: Re: ATL BBQ Festival posted by drbbq on September 16, 2012 at 19:04:31:

Straight answer from that bunch, good luck, you guys do not want to hear the story the organizer told about that situation.

This event had a tiny, I mean tiny payout for what it cost to enter, they had power issues from the get go, they acted shocked people actually wanted the power we had to pay a lot extra for. The spaces where not the size we paid for (I hade ot argue that a tape measure does not lie and no matter how many time you measure a spot the is 18 feet wide it will not grow to 20 feet)

If you are not one of the first teams in on Thursday (without power or water set up yet) good luck on getting in.

Pitmaster only took about 3-4 team spots so that is a BS story from the get go as to how that affected anything.

The GC to be able to take the trophy home had to leave a $2k deposit after only winning $1500 (Guess how that one went with JOS)

Bowling (Even cheaper than normal) for 1-3 in each categories, .25 cent ribbons like elementary school field day for 4th and 5th.

To sum it up lots of BS, Drama, lies and unfullfilled promises. Od did I mention lots of deal made with teams for discounted price on space while other paid full retail. Nice.

I do not kow of one true professional team that has ever taken part in this event that will ever be back.

This is the worst contest we have ever been part of in the 6 years we have been competing.

Anyone looking at this for the future just ask anyone that has ever been there before it was KCBS sanctioned or this year as a KCBS contest.

The KCBS reps where Ernie and Linda Poland and they where the only high point of the weekend. The only thing that went as we would expect was the KCBS side of things. KCBS did a great job however their efforts are wasted on a truly half as effort on an organizer that should go do something else because he truly does not have a clue how to make teams or judges happy.

FYI awards did not run at a fast clip. They started late and ran about 1 hour to call out 5 places, May have been the organizers desire to get large group photos of everything, over and over again.

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