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Re: Royal Rules

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Posted by Gremlin Grill Pat on September 17, 2012 at 08:20:13:

In Reply to: Re: Royal Rules posted by robertlh on September 16, 2012 at 22:57:15:

Looks like I need to re-read my posts again. Yep - nope: not once did I use the word "inferior." In fact, I stated that I prefer small contests. They're more relaxing. I merely contended that it's more difficult to win GC in a KC contest with 50 or 100 teams than it is to win a 20-team contest in the middle of nowhere. I don't know why you took that to mean the small contests are "inferior," other than maybe you needed a reason to take this whole thing personally.

And of course there's money involved. We gave up our Open spot of ten years because of the cost. It sucked, plain and simple. But the American Royal is a 501(c)(3). You guys act like the American Royal is an evil Koch Brothers enterprise. They're a not-for-profit promoting agriculture. I don't know about you, but coming from an Ag background, I appreciate that mission. They have to make money, and they don't have room for more teams, so they can only have so many invitational teams. I haven't seen their books, but a not-for-profit can't lose money on an event just to try to make everyone happy. Do you honestly hold it against them that they're more concerned about their mission than they are yours?

And I clearly stated that I don't judge any team for cooking in any contest for any reason. Call it bottom feeding, call it poaching, call it a nice weekend in the country: Whatever a champion's motivation, whether it's trying to win some money or gather points at a smaller contest, or just to cook in a contest that's more relaxing than one where they're packed into a parking lot with 99 other teams, it's a good thing. Having big-name teams helps small contests. I never said differently. What I said was it's easier to win a 20-team contest than it is to win a 50- or 100-team contest, and very few of the people enjoying this verbal boxing match will disagree. It's simple math, and I guess I don't know how simple math is a poor "way to treat (my) fellow cooks."

Yep, I suppose we do all put our pants on one leg at a time. But people who start their own sanctioning bodies out of distain for the KCBS opted out of help getting dressed. And while not "big timers," Gremlin Grill are "metro guys," but we grew up out in the sticks, and one of the reasons we were willing to give up the Royal was because we could spend that money at smaller contests. We've cooked in dozens of them over the years. But just as we have our goals with barbecue, so does the American Royal. They're a not-for-profit organization and have to make money on the contest weekend. If their business plan shows that they can't have more teams in the invite and still meet their goals, I don't hold it against them.

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