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Posted by Bobby Q on October 04, 2012 at 03:51:38:

In Reply to: If a......... posted by crd26a on October 04, 2012 at 03:17:36:

I whole hardly agree, if someone is simulating a penis at a family/pubic event, they should be held accountable. Is it Illegal, no, distasteful, extremely. We all make conscientious decisions to do or not do things that we know or should know, would be inappropriate or against the rules.

I think if you read what I wrote, I also feel they should be suspended and held accountable for consuming an intoxicating substance at the event.

What I am saying is, if a promoter took no action against them at the time of the violation, and or if the complaining/offended party did nothing at that time, how can you take away the title they earned, when the violation they are accused of had nothing to do with how they earned that title.

They should be punished them for the violation, at the time of the violation is occurring. I have no issue with that and feel itís appropriate, at that time. You donít do nothing or ignore it, then do something about later because they won something.

Itís no different than someone getting drunk at an event and causing a scene that too needs to be addressed at the time of occurrence. If someone got intoxicated and acts stupid, is it fair to do nothing, allow them to sober up and continue in the event. Then after the event, when they actually win something, you sanction them for getting drunk in the first place and take away their win? It doesnít seem appropriate.

Itís no different than if a police officer sees you run a stop sign on Monday and does nothing, then seeís you driving fine on Friday, yet stops you and gives you a ticket for Mondayís violation. Deal with the problem when itís in fact a problem. Then all these other issues are a moot point.

I definitely believe itís appropriate to hold teams/people accountable for their indiscretions and actions, as they should also taken responsibility for committing them.

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