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Re: Sausage, not case or not to case

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Posted by Ray Basso on October 10, 2012 at 20:51:52:

In Reply to: Sausage, not case or not to case posted by ksgoodolboy on October 10, 2012 at 16:17:38:

If 95% of the teams are buying store bought sausage and removing it from the casings then there is probably a reason for it. There have been discussions on the BBQ Forum for years about cooking sausage. Most of them revolve around buying sausage, removing the casings, making a log by mashing together a couple of links into one log, applying rub and smoking them.

The very first one I can remember was to use Johnsonville brats and using the Top Secret rub. I became a favorite of mine the first time I tried it. Everyone I fed it to was crazy about it as well and nobody ever figured out want I was using. The pleasant bark on the outside of the log tasted much better that any casing I have ever tasted. Also most of the fat rendered out of the sausage while cooking without the casing.

I would imaging that the sausage cooked out of the casing would be much better tasting then biting through a casing for the judges. The judges only get a few seconds between tasting and scoring. I would think that you would have to have some really great tasting sausage cooked in casing to out score sausage cooked without casings. Of course that is my opinion and I don't like the taste of casings but I really like good sausage.

Ray Basso

From the BBQ Forum Search Engine.
Bichelmeyer Meat Co., 704 Cheyenne Av., Kansas City Kansas.
913-342-5945 Ask for Joe, Jimmy or Matt.
Krizmam's House of Sausage 424 N 6th.Kansas City, Kansas 913-731-3158
They both have very good sausage. I have won at least 5 ribbons with Bichelmeyer's BBQ Sausage which include 2 Blue ribbons

Good Luck

Chef paul kirk in 2000


Re: Sausage sausage and more sausage (long) (11/1/2004 2:16:01 PM by ramQ)

BBQFanatic; One of the easiest fresh sausage recipes, came from my German father-in-law
5lb ground pork
1Tbsp + 1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp granulated garlic
3/4 tsp allspice.
mix all together; stuff into hog casings or fry into patties.

This is a good recipe to poach to 152 degrees then grill with smoke wood for 10 to 15 minutes turning often.


Re: Sausage Andouille sausage recepie (6/6/2003
25lb lean pork (no fat at all!!!!)

red pepper
black pepper
white pepper
finly crushed bay leaf
msg 1 TBS
Salt (non idion)
1/4 oz quick cure
2 pint water

grind pork thru a 1 inch breaker plate mix spice in water mix with meat mix very well as you want to extract proten so product will bind.
set in cooler overnight

stuff in a 2 1/2 beef middle caseing 12 inches long
hang in the smokhouse or whatever you got to smoke in
let caseing dry tacky to the touch
smoke with pecan wood and sugar cane stubble 125 deg for 7 hrs
shut smoke off, raise temp to 175 cook untill internal temp is 165deg
take sausage out, spray with water until temp is 140deg hang at room temp untill the bloom (color) sets the longer you hang the darker it will get the correct color should be all most black. place in the cooler until 40 deg.---------Now this is the old way of making andouille the way my father made it for many years in Louisiana.
This product is a seasoning sausage to flavor gumbos,jambalayas,beans etc.It should be very full flavored on the hot side.If you noticed I did not put any spice ammounts you figger that one out yourself cant give that out!! ha

the very first andouille was called in cajun french(Andoulette) it was made with hog chittlins seasoned very high and stuffed into a beef middle caseing and smoked very very heavy with sugar cane stubble ( stubble is what is left over with the cane stalk after pressing the juice out at the sugar mill the old people call it (bagash) I do not know of any one left in south louisiana that still makes this sausage now in fact there are very few people left who have evan heard of it. it is a very old recipe.



Competition sausage?? (9/12/2002 10:46:46 PM by WWD)

Last year, when everybody got in an uproar about sausage not being judged at the Royal, I thought something that was an important part of barbeque was left out.

How wrong I was. After reading the posts on how to prepare and cook sausage for competition, as a meatloaf made me reconsider. Most people here talk about being a purist on "true barbeque". If you go into a good barbeque joint and order ribs and sausage, do you expect parboiled ribs and meatloaf sausage with barbeque sauce slathered on it? Cased sausage is as much of a part of the barbeque tradition as slow cooked and smoked, beef, pork , and ribs.

I have spent a lot of time on making good sausage in addition to good barbeque. I am astounded that people that claim to be "purists" turn in crap as meatloaf and call it sausage.

I'm sorry if that is what wins, but it's not sausage and it isn't anywhere near good barbeque!


Sausage: how to make it good (9/23/1999 5:45:09 PM by Elizabeth)

Well, wouldn't ya know it. I haven't done sausage since hubster and I were in the American Royal two years ago, and since the Royal is coming up and that damned dreaded sausage category is haunting me, I came to the Forum to research a sausage recipe. What did I find? Everyone was looking for MY sausage recipe I posted two years ago! LOL. So I printed out my own damn recipe from the Forum so I can use it! LOL. It's a good recipe. I got it from a friend of mine named Grizz who used to compete on the circuit. I think he said he got it from Mike Scrutchfield. Dunno. All I know is I can't duplicate the results because that day the smoker wouldn't behave so I ended up tossing the poor sausage into another bullet we had sitting there cooling, and it started to misbehave so we moved that sausage again. It's a guess how long to cook for and at what temp and using what woods because that poor sausage surely made the rounds of my bullets while I frantically tried to get the damn thing to cook in time for turn-in. Sigh. Johnsonville Brats can be bought at most any grocery store. They're not exotic or anything. Good luck to all at the Royal, and if you win a ribbon with by sausage technique, be sure and let me know. Would be almost as good as winning a ribbon myself. Here's hoping! :-)


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