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Posted by Ray Basso on October 11, 2012 at 01:19:28:

In Reply to: Re: Just stoped by to say" Hey". posted by The Judge on October 08, 2012 at 07:32:05:

I will try to find some more:


1st. Gathering of BBQ Forum people 1999 American Royal BBQ contest

Left to Right: Ray Basso, Frank Boyer, Elizabeth, Chuck (he's a lurker), Grandpa Cheese (holding a plate of what else, Cheese), Juggy, Mark Da Spark, Shake, Lynn Kancel (KCBS board Member & 1/2 of Smokin' in the Boys Room), and Jerry from Denver
Picture by Jerry from Denver and caption by Shake

2nd Gathering of BBQ Forum people 2000 American Royal BBQ contest

Chuck Ray Basso Elizabeth Lumpkin (Boss Hawg) Dennis Mayer Chris Allingham (Chris A) Stephen Smith Jim Minion (Car Dogs) David Klose (Klose BBQ Pits) Jack Rogers (Car Dogs) Clif Welch (The Judge) Glen Chandler Juggy Paul Kirk (Baron of BBQ) Ron Harwell (Sheepdog) Donny Teal (Buffalo) Grandpa Cheese Stu Carpenter (Klose BBQ Pits) Darcy Hicks Frank Boyer

With most browsers you can just place the mouse pointer on each persons face and see their name thanks to Brian Patterson

Left to Right: Chuck, Ray Basso, Elizabeth Lumpkin (Boss Hawg), Dennis Mayer, Chris Allingham (Chris A), Stephen Smith, Jim Minion (Car Dogs) David Klose (Klose BBQ Pits), Jack Rogers (Car Dogs), Clif Welch (The Judge), Glen Chandler, Juggy, Paul Kirk (Baron of BBQ)
Ron Harwell (Sheepdog), Donny Teal (Buffalo) Grandpa Cheese, Stu Carpenter (Klose BBQ Pits), Darcy Hicks, and Frank Boyer

Second picture of more BBQ Forum people

Left to Right: Smokin' Okie, Ray Lampe (Bonesmokers), Stephanie (Tom & Joshs Orgasmic Slabs and KCBS), Eddy Murin (Fast Eddy), Bill Milroy (Texas Rib Rangers), and Barb Millroy (Texas Rib Rangers)


3rd Gathering of BBQ Forum people 2001 American Royal BBQ contest

Looking at the picture from Left to Right:
 Ray Basso, Qrat - Jim Schwass, Older Juggy, Paul Kirk, Charcoal Charlie, Bunny Tuttle, Rich Tuttle, Jazzyjoe, Juggy (Back), 
Mark Da Spark, Jeff Zupa - Say See Bone (center dark glasses), Phillip Dell, (next to Jazzyjoe), Amy Dell,
To the right of Jeff Zupa, Jim Harvey, Sheepdog" Harwell, Grandma Cheese - Vivian and Grandpaw Cheese, Rude Bone (back), Anita - Hogasm
Rick Bridges - London - Burning Bridges, Paul from Racoon Flats, John Lengeling - IBSWEB, Mark Darrah-Henway, Jeff from H.O.T. Fire & Safety
Front row right: Sherri Gray, and Rod Gray


Ray Basso

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