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Rib roast anatomy question

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Posted by woodburner on December 20, 2012 at 11:08:32:

The setup: I've cooked plenty of rib roasts over the years; usually Choice, from Sams. Alway a beautiful rib eye that travels the length of the roast (a round "tube" of a single muscle, which constitutes the bulk of the roast). In addition, there is the outer section of fattier meat, surrounding the eye, which I think is the most tasty part of the roast, and then there is the lip, which has some nice meat but is mostly fat.

A friend had a "rib roast" delivered from a caterer, and she asked me to slice it. I found a vein of that nasty, very white, fatty gristle -- the kind you can barely cut with a knife let alone eat -- running through the middle of the eye muscle, throughout the long length of the roast. What the what?? I do not recall seeing that kind of vein in that position before. I had to separate that eye roast down the middle, then remove the vein. I then separated the eye into two pieces entirely, and sliced the two pieces into mediallions... looking almost like a ternderloin medallion when I was through.

Finally, HERE"S THE QUESTION: The meat was good trimmed down, but what was with the vein? Is that normal in a rib roast? Was it maybe a Select roast ranther than Choice? Was a different cut of meat entirely? It did look like a boneless rib, about 4 bones worth.

Thanks for bearing with me...

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