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Re: Pulled Chicken Quantity?

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Posted by Juggy D Beerman on January 10, 2013 at 10:24:36:

In Reply to: Pulled Chicken Quantity? posted by Steve on January 10, 2013 at 08:29:47:

I use chicken quarters (leg/thigh piece) for my pulled chicken. I wait until the local store has ten pound bags on sale. My method of cooking is very simple. I use no rub, no marinade, brine or baste on the birds. I cook them naked on the smoker at a temperature between 275-325F. I do not concern myself with keeping a constant cooking temperature. Depending on the cooking temperature and the size of the quarters, the birds are usually done in about two hours.

You can use a thermometer to check the internal temperature of the birds to see if they are done. I call them done at 170F. The old school method that my dad taught me was to "Shake hands with Mr. Chicken". If you can easily bend the joint where the leg and thigh meet, the bird is done.

Once the birds have been removed and cooled where you can handle them, remove the meat from the bones. I put the meat in a half pan and the skin and bones in a stock pot to make stock. I just boil the skin and bones for an hour or so. I use no veggies or spices in the stock. Once the stock has boiled for an hour or so, I let it cool and place it in the deep freeze. The next day, I scrape the frozen grease off the top and then thaw out the stock and store it in 1 cup containers.

Now back to the birds..... I usually get three pounds of pulled chicken from a ten pound bag of quarters. Most folks around here consider a sandwich that weighs 1/3 of a pound a good size sandwich. So if you have 21 folks I would go with three ten pound bags of quarters. This will be more than enough to cover 21 big eaters. You might get away with two ten pound bags, but that will be calling it close.

Since you are probably going to reheat the birds, I would go this route. Once the pulled meat has been placed in the pan, mix in some BBQ rub of your choice. Add some chicken stock or apple juice or combination of both to meat. Cover the pan with foil and heat at 250F until the meat hits a temperature of 165F. This will take at least an hour.



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