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Designing your barbecue

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Posted by Michael on January 11, 2013 at 23:58:23:

Hey everyone,

I came here looking to get the opinions of real people with real life experience in BBQ. I am a product designer from Los Angeles and am in the process of creating a new line of BBQs catering to the serious cook. I have a list of questions, if any of you want to help, feel free to answer one or all of them.


1. How often do you barbecue?
2. How often do you clean your barbecue?
3. What are the main areas of upkeep, and do you find yourself wishing any part of these were easier or avoidable?
4. What kind of barbecue do you currently own, and why is this your preference?
5. What is your dream barbecue, and why?
6. Do you move your barbecue often or does it stay outdoors in the same spot fairly often?

1. What do you normally cook on your barbecue?
2. What are general problems or gripes that you encounter when cooking with your barbecue and wish worked better or didn't happen?
3. What are your most used barbecue accessories? Why are they an asset?
4. What do you find to be difficult when cooking barbecue or what would you hope could be easier?
6. How often do you find yourself cooking with a covered barbecue?
7. Do you prepare anything that requires you to modify your barbecue or use it unconventionally? What is it you do?

Now as a designer, and only a very occasional barbecuer, I have probably missed many thing, so please go ahead and feel free to tell me anything else you find relevant to the designing of a barbecue as well as anything you do while you cook that you find is essential or clever.

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