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Re: Designing your barbecue

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Posted by Billy D on January 12, 2013 at 11:14:08:

In Reply to: Designing your barbecue posted by Michael on January 11, 2013 at 23:58:23:

1. How often do you barbecue?
Very often.
2. How often do you clean your barbecue?
Clean? Hhhmmmmmmm....
3. What are the main areas of upkeep, and do you find yourself wishing any part of these were easier or avoidable?
I wish i had a self mowing lawn. Best to work on that project first,
4. What kind of barbecue do you currently own, and why is this your
A black one. (it matches the color of my car.)
5. What is your dream barbecue, and why?
One that's named Jeannie, for obvious reasons.
6. Do you move your barbecue often or does it stay outdoors in the same spot fairly often?
Mike, sometimes it doesn't move at all, but there are laxatives for that. . .and we have indoor plumbing.

1. What do you normally cook on your barbecue?
We really don't actually cook anything on it. It's more of a pricy lawn decoration. The neighbors love it, and has increased our home value by 25%.
2. What are general problems or gripes that you encounter when cooking with your barbecue and wish worked better or didn't happen?
I wish Bigfoot would cook on his own pit. I can't tell you how many
times I've woken up on a Sunday and seen the old bird in action, rustling up a pot of Brunswick stew. (b t w, it really needs a bit more garlic.)
3. What are your most used barbecue accessories? why are they an asset?
A matching purse and hat(stove-top). Really completes the ensemble.
4. What do you find to be difficult when cooking barbecue or what would you hope could be easier?
Convincing the boss that I'm really ill, and needing the time off to go and help Bigfoot with his stew.
6. How often do you find yourself cooking with a covered barbecue?
Usually after the insurance premium has been paid(every June and Feb.
1st.). Does that help?
7. Do you prepare anything that requires you to modify your barbecue or use it unconventionally? What is it you do?
Sometimes we go to the drive-in together. couple of beers, dogs, and
Cheetos.. . .shucks. :)

Michael, i hope I've been helpful. Good luck with your new design. I'll
also ask Bigfoot what he thinks. And re post.

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