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Re: Pulled Pork

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Posted by Hub on January 30, 2013 at 06:29:18:

In Reply to: Pulled Pork posted by Lost on January 30, 2013 at 05:16:39:

It's easy to do both in the oven but first you've got to do the math. 20 people to feed so let's say you're going to stuff them with 1/4 pound each of chicken and pork (some will eat more, some less). So, you'll need 5 lbs "finished" of each meat. Both will lose 50% of their uncooked weight in the process (water, fat, bone, etc.) so you'll need to start with 10 lbs each of fresh meat. 10 lb. pork butts are fairly common or you can get two fives. Whole chickens are often about 5 lbs, so two will do it.

To keep things simple and straightforward I'll recommend you skip more sophisticated things like brining and injecting. Cut excess fat and skin off both meats. Rub the pork with your favorite commercial rub or look one up on the Internet. You can rub the chickens, too but you'll be discarding the skin since you're going to pull it.

Place the hunks in separate (one for the birds, one for the pork) roasting pans and add one cup of apple juice. Cover each pan with foil to hold in moisture. Bake at 250 until an insertable thermometer shows the pork center to be about 195 and the chickens are at least 175 in the deep part of the thigh. It is impossible to tell you how long this will take because of variables like oven evenness, temp of the meat at start, etc., but allow about an hour per pound or ten hours minimum. If they finish early both meats will hold, covered, at 170.

By keeping the meat covered the entire cook you'll have nice moisture but probably no bark. Shred into pans for service. You can moisten the meat with some of the pan drippings if needed keep it above 140 degrees).

This is super over-simplified. Others may chime in with more detailed recipes and appoaches to help.

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