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Re: Smoked Spoonbill

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Posted by Ray Basso on April 28, 2013 at 04:03:41:

In Reply to: Smoked Spoonbill posted by GRW on April 28, 2013 at 01:53:28:

I checked the Search Engine for this one and found a few comments. I listed three of them in this post and the link will take you to the others. Hopefully someone else will have some input.

Ray Basso


Re: Smoked Spoonbill ??? (3/16/2003 12:35:44 AM by navin)

I have eaten them and the best way is to skin them and then steak them. deep fry them with some la fish fry. before you cut off the tail you cut thru the meat but not all the way thru the spine. you twist and pull the spinalcord out of the back. spoonbill have no bones. that way you can cut it into steaks about half an inch thick
Re: Smoked Spoonbill ??? (3/16/2003 11:51:50 AM by griller)

two seasons here in kansas for snagging spoonbill or paddlefish 20 to 60 pounds are good stuff maynard! you can pour the smoke to 'em as long as you oil 'em and wrap 'em up in cheese cloth or cube 'em inta bout 1 1/2 -2" chunks don't try a cold smoke but not too hot either just about to where ya can hold your hand over the water pan for about 30 seconds 'fore ya get ta feelin burnt.
Re: Smoked Spoonbill ??? (3/16/2003 11:56:57 AM by charcoal charlie)

hey mitch,

my dad has smoked a lot of it. its not bad but not my fav. its only good when it first comes off the smoker and is still warm. or so i think. dad likes it a lot. he thinks it is ok even if rewarmed. i think it gets a strong flavor then and kinda rubbery. gar is the same maybe a little worse. we have only done a couple of them. they ain't really worth the trouble. but spoonbill? yeah go for it. i think you'll like it. you may try putting different rubs on it too. dad never did. don't think we thought of it.

man i wish i was back up that way. i miss spooning down on the neosho river. been trying to talk dad into going to the james river for a few years with no luck.

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