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contest --- Cold Meat turn-in

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Posted by snyder625 on April 28, 2013 at 18:31:29:

I hope to have as many responses as my candied rib question...why are we as cooks ,judges and organizations (though I don't know how they could police it other than policy )allowing teams to turn in meat that isn't even 100 degrees some even has grease congealing on top (very rarely) and why do judges not score down on it when it happens ...I just came back from Barnesville (FBA event ) and even though at the cooks meeting they said don't let the meat get below 140 degrees my table had a few boxes that were cold ,the next table over asked the table captain to get the reps and they were asked about a very cold box and was told to judge it as they wanted .no clear instruction ...this is happening at more and more contests ....there is no excuse for cold meat on my table for pork our 6th box was still hot ...why are we getting lukewarm ribs ,how many slabs are they going through looking for the perfect rib while the rest are getting cooler and cooler

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