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world championship ultimately exposed

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Posted by thorsten denmark on June 05, 2013 at 16:24:27:

the so called, world barbeque association, has always annoyed me, due to the obvious rotteness of the name the organization calls itself. its so obviously suspicious and full of misleading a european rather unaware public. nevertheless the organization has succeeded in surviving for some time in order to serve the interests of certain large BBQ corporations interests, such as certain american corporations, who have had the opportunity to capitalize on european ignorance, for some time. So I must admit, reading the appended article was what I expected at some stage. Although not in quite the manner it did occurr (daylight robbery!) but completely to be expected, given the name of the game played, and calling it "in the spirit of bbq fellowship" as is the case in the united states, the true bbq nation of the world. read it, and please laugh. shake your head, and think again . maybe theres a reason kcbs should be taken more seriously, for sure certain others should go and be forgotten with great embarrasment forthwith!!

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