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Re: How would you cook this? (Korean Style!)

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Posted by peterN on June 29, 2013 at 06:39:04:

In Reply to: How would you cook this? posted by Ray Basso on June 28, 2013 at 21:27:21:

You have a Korean style/cut known as Kalbi or Galbi.
I've been cooking this for 20 years.

I've found a recipe on the net that most closely resembles the recipe that I use...

1. The recipe calls for 'mirin' which is a SWEET rice wine - if you can't find/get sweet rice wine on short notice, you could:
(A.)spoon in some frozen apple juice concentrate
(B.)Use regular apple juice in a quantity that equals the amount of water used in the 'how to' video at the link provided.

Note about mirin...I see many Asian recipes (in English) that call for 'rice wine'...most people (recipe writers) I believe mistake 'rice wine' in these recipes for 'sake' or whatever other wine they may have...IT IS NOT THE SAME THING! Whenever I see 'rice wine' in an Asian recipe, I reach for mirin.

About Mirin:
You may not have (or be able to get) mirin today when you need it, but if you've never used mirin, I would encourage that you get a bottle and experiment with it sometime.

The recipe I use is similar to the one linked, but I'll ADD TOASTED SESAME SEEDS (2 Tblspn?) to the mix and heat the marinade to a short boil, but be careful because it can/will burn - simmer if possible (5 minute?) without burning.

The ribs are laden with so much fat that you WILL have more flare-ups than anything else you've ever cooked (more flare-ups than the cheapest hamburg you've ever cooked)

The ribs themselves are sort of fragile as they have a tendency to separate (along the fat between the ribs and the meat) if mishandled.

If you want to make a Korean meal of it, serve with sticky white rice (sushi rice?) and Kim Chi (Kimchee?).

And if you want to serve it like a Korean, put some scissors on the serving plate to cut the meat (between the ribs) into 3" squares.

Kalbi recipe reference:

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