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Pit-masters has bottomed out.

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Posted by Turk on July 29, 2013 at 14:02:41:

I have been a fan of the new BBQ Pitmasters format. Three teams cooking 2 cuts of regular BBQ meats and being judged by Champion Pit-masters, until last night. Two episodes with Danielle Dimovski as a judge were laughable. I can only imagine that Tuffy and Myron had to hold back laughs as they announced her as the “World Pork Champion”. Until now the judges have all been World MIM Champions of KCBS multi Champions and TOY. Myron Mixon has won Memphis in May whole hog 3 times, now that makes a person a World Pork Champion. Diva Q lost in an episode of Pit-masters just a few weeks ago, now she’s a judge? And since when does winning the pork Category at the Jack make you the World Champion of Pork? I guess they missed the part where she finished 73rd in Ribs and 77th in Brisket and 50th overall that same year at the Jack. Watching her critique Rod Gray’s BBQ was akin to a 1st grade student telling a 25 year experienced teacher how to use a number 2 pencil. If they want to give her a show where she goes to BBQ joints and does a competition at the end fine but a Judge on Pit-masters really degrades the show.

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