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Re: Ideas Needed - Catering University Athletic Donors

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Posted by StumpBaby on August 14, 2013 at 19:58:51:

In Reply to: Ideas Needed - Catering University Athletic Donors posted by Squeeze on August 14, 2013 at 13:31:05:

How bout some boneless deer legs. I never used to knowd bout no deer legs at all..till one friend of mine showd up with one and callt me bout it..this what I dun tole him below...i don't know what he ended up doin wid it...bit it almost dont matta nun no how duz it...


I was wonderin how ya'll coulda gone and got one of them deer legs what had no bones in's I went to ask poppa bout that..sometimes it don't pay to try to get information outta poppa..most specially late at night and if'n he and momma'd been hittin the shine real hard..and that's how it was this night..but just call me lucky..cause I got the information anyway..just by waitin round and watchin..on accounta as I was walkin in to ask poppa...I heard momma sayin something bout was like she knew I was gonna come ask them questions..(though truth be tol I wasn't gonna be repeatin it over and over again like that...I think maybe grampa is right when he says sometimes momma sounds like a broken record..tho mommas records almost always seem to be broken at night) so I just walked into mommas room and waited for her to finish....and that's when I seen it...seems poppa had caught himself one of them boneless deer legs too...(tween you and me..poppa sure isn't much of a hunter..but one look at that funny hoof will tell you that it musta been one cold and slow that's why poppa done caught this one)..that must be one good leg too..cause it looked like momma and poppa was fightin over it somethin fierce.[p]I don't know what poppa was thinking....he shoulda been using his hands..stead of holdin his end with somethin.. where it prolly wouldn'ta tasted much good if'n he won the tuggo war anyway..but I suppose if'n he did use his hands..he couldn'ta held onto the headboard the way he did....folks sure must love deer meat...most specially them boneless ones..but I can say this..them legs is tricky..cause in the middle of the made itself to look like one of them ones with the bones in it...I think to confuse momma into thinkin maybe she autta just give up the fight..and I thought momma was gonna too..cause her eyes got real big..and then she started lookin like a mad women..grinnen from cauliflower ear to cauliflower ear...and I think maybe all that pullin and tuggin did do somethin to mommas thinkin..cause it was then that she musta decided that deer meat needed no cookin at all.[p]Poppa..prolly cause he was soo tired from all that fightin..sure seemed to be happy to let momma eat deer without cookin it..but..momma..not two minutes later..bein as nice as she was..apparently to the great relief of poppa...decided to share with him after all..cause she left him a small piece..though from what I seen I think maybe momma got the most of it.[p]I would say this..if'n you gots two of them deer's prolly best to share right off the sure don't wanna go though what poppa went through..all that fightin..and makin up them words like that...he was so tired he couldn't even eat his half..he just stuck it in his pants for eatin later...[p]

Ahhh..the life of a Stump...[p]StumpBaby

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